Monetizing Authenticity with Coach Eb

Monetizing Authenticity with Coach Eb

Monetizing Your Greatness!

You’ve got clarity, confidence and are ready to test your resilience and make bank, doing what you want, how you want, for the reasons that fuel YOU!

  • You know your greatness can be monetized but you're not sure where to start.
  • You have so many money ideas you don't know which to work on now.
  • You struggle to create offers that take your clients through an empowering journey.

This program is for you!

My #MoneyGreatness™ Program includes...

Module 1 - Money Mindset Mastery®

We start your journey by identifying and removing your most stubborn money blocks, replacing them with the empowering ones, and developing a new “Money Story” for you so that you can quickly begin to create exciting results in your business. 

Program offered through 6 Private Coaching Sessions.

Module 2 - Branding with Archetypes®

Listen, if you don’t have a brand that highlights your unique story, you’ll come across like everyone else and won’t stand out. This is no bueno because it means you won't make money - no matter how great what you have to offer is.

So discovering your Brand Archetype and aligning your actions accordingly is kind of a big deal. Let’s face it, you are the face of your business so unlock your authentic essence with Revolutionary Freedom and open the floodgate of new clients and opportunities for your business.

Program offered through 10 Private Coaching Sessions.

Module 3 - Niche Breakthrough Secrets®

This module, we’ll discover the most lucrative niches for you that are totally aligned with your Brand Archetype so that you can attract the ideal clients and opportunities for your business with SO much ease.

And no, we won't be doing that rinky-dinky "Women that are between 25-40 who love exercise" crap - because that is not a niche.  Don't worry, this program makes this super easy!

Program offered through 8 Private Coaching Sessions.

Module 4 - Signature System®

Great!  You know why you're doing (Money Mindset) what you're doing (Branding With Archetypes) and who you are doing it for (Niche Breakthrough Secrets) - so....what are you going to offer in your new business?  How to setup your offers?  How to know what to pitch, to which clients, and when?

In this module, we’ll discover your unique client process and use it to define your client offers into a system that is totally aligned with your Brand Archetype and Niche.  This way, your business has a Signature System of offers that allow you to effortlessly book your ideal clients into the right offer for their current circumstances.  

Program offered through 12 Private Coaching Sessions.

Module 5 - How To Find ● Book ● Keep Your Ideal Clients™

You are ready to launch - wonderful!  You've developed and setup our offers and know what to pitch, to which clients, and when - to get new or better yet - ideal clients AND keep them?

In this module, we’ll create your client attracting mindset, ensure you know where to find your ideal clients, and figure out 1) how to sell your offers to your ideal clients, 2) how to book your ideal clients, 3) how to on-board your ideal clients with automation, and 4) how to service your ideal clients for years to come with your Signature System.  

Program offered through 6 Private Coaching Sessions.

Module 6 - Creating Your High-End Packages™

You are ready to make money - wonderful!  You've developed and setup your business to get new clients AND keep them - to start making bank off of a high-end package?

In this module, we’ll develop your high-end package mindset, create your high-end package promise, and use my Revolutionary Freedom Pricing Guide™ to price your high-end packages; we will then 1) develop and categorize your high-end package inventory, 2) create and categorize your high-end package templates, and 3) develop a plan to automate the sales and fulfillment of your Signature System - now with High-End Packages included!  

Program offered through 5 Private Coaching Sessions.

While all clients have access to listed number of coaching sessions for each module in this program - access to content persists indefinitely and you will receive updates to the program as I enhance it.

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