Webinar for New or Struggling Entrepreneurs

Webinar for New or Struggling Entrepreneurs



As a creative, innovator, or visionary who hasn't launched your business yet, I know you want the knowledge and strategy to turn your gifts, talents, and abilities into a money-making machine!

You don't want to fake it until you make it; you want to be it, do it, and get paid for it.
You don't want to go broke trying to be somebody or to be recognized and valued.
You don't want to be like everyone else who thinks they can do what you do like you do it.


You want to launch powerfully with a strong business opportunity, a tasty brand, and all the substance to keep folks coming back for more: 

  • Great online presence.
  • High, consistent engagement with your folks.
  • Standing out as a leader in your field.
  • All the client testimonials.
  • Automated business systems that provide an amazing customer experience.


It is not easy to go from - "Ooh shit, I have a great idea on how to use my talents!" - to - "Oh, snaps, I fucking built this and am actually making money!"

There are several ways to go about it but the most typical path is...

...spend $1,000s with someone who tells you what to do.
...try to match what they told you to what's in your head.
...go at it completely alone with no cheerleaders or guidance.
...launch completely unsure because what you are doing doesn't resonate.
...think you are a failure at business and give up on your dream.

Ask me how I know????

Over the last two decades of doing this work, I have watched entrepreneur after entrepreneur struggle with this same cycle and THEN COME TO ME to learn a new way: 
My Unlock Your Expert™ Method for Creatives, Innovators, and Visionaries

My signature method teaches you how to:

  1. Clarify your vision into a business opportunity.
  2. Align your business opportunity with market needs and wants.
  3. Plan out your pre-launch so you are prepared to launch confidently.
  4. Plan out your launch so you are prepared to impact your people.

Do you have all of this mapped out for you?

Do you even know how to start mapping this out so you can start being the authentic entrepreneur that you are being called to be?

So many gifted creatives, innovators, and visionaries - like you - are stuck without a framework for a successful launch.  This is why I offer this webinar every month specifically for changemakers like you! 

You can be the entrepreneur that gets a Google or YouTube education, builds the website, sets up the social media, and starts advertising and marketing.  Many do this and it does work...over a long ass time though!

I know you want to fast track this launch, without taking away from your brilliant creativity and the quality of your talents and gifts.

And guess what?!!? This webinar teaches you how to do just that!  

If we don't know each other...nice to meet you!  You can learn a little more about me hereIf we do know each other...great to see you ready to join me as a creative in entrepreneurship.  Let's get to work!


In the Unlock Your Expert™ Entrepreneur Webinar, I will ensure you are clear on how to develop your authentic framework for a successful launch. 

Furthermore, I share how to activate your innovatively creative gifts and talents within your entrepreneurship so you stand out and make bank because #DifferentiationMatters!


If you are not sure how to get started in your entrepreneurship,
and you are ready to learn how to turn your gifts, talents, and abilities into a business - your own way - on your own terms - with your own fire and impact; then, this webinar is for you! 

You can find all webinar details here.


    This is a "How to Get Started" webinar and is intended for aspiring, struggling, or confused entrepreneurs
    ; this is for you if you are either uber frustrated with your start in business, or are new to entrepreneurship.

    This is a Coaching / Training Hybrid webinar made for creative intellectuals who are choosing to be innovative and visionary entrepreneurs; we will go deep so that you can win big; it's that simple.  You can use any gift, talent, or ability and be innovative and visionary.  No matter what you do or plan to sell, if you are interested in creating a business that means something over time, inspires needed change, and gets you fired up to get paid doing what you do well - then you are ready to be an innovative and visionary entrepreneur.  

    This is a Live Webinar; this means that you will learn from direct access to me as your Coach, and the other amazing attendees - like you - who will bring their own energy and insights!  While you will get a replay of the live webinar, this is not a recorded course with handouts.




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    #BeNosy - learn what you can expect from my Unlock Your Expert™ Webinar for Entrepreneurs.

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