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How You Stand Out With Distinction

How You Stand Out With Distinction



As a "hasn't made it yet" coach, I know you want the knowledge, tools, and strategy to build your authentic, impactful coaching business from a confident position of power, clarity, and excitement.

You don't want to buy someone else's materials and sell them as your own offers.
You don't want to sell, speak about, and coach on what everyone else is.
You don't want to be like all the other coaches.


You want to be able to confidently and spectacularly answer the questions that we are all asked as coaches: 

  • Why should I choose you over other coaches?
  • What makes you the right coach for me?
  • What makes you the right speaker for our event?


It is not easy to answer these questions and many coaches take years of trial and error to figure it out. 

By the time they have figured it all out, they have already...

...spent 1000s of hours & dollars figuring it out.
...gained the wrong clients and lost the right clients.
...changed their offers so many times as they grew.
...looked inconsistent learning & making changes.

Ask me how I know????

I was plagued by these very issues until I got clear and confident in my Five Pillars of Authentic Coaching Power™:

  1. My Whole A.S.S™ Authentic Self
  2. My Authentic Coaching Method Questions & Steps
  3. My A.C.M.™ or  Authentic Coaching Method™
  4. My B.W.H. or  Brandable World of Healing™
  5. My S.C.M.™ or  Signature Coaching Methodology™

Do you know your Five Pillars of Authentic Coaching Power™? 

Do you even know what the Five Pillars of Authentic Coaching Power™ are so you can develop them for your coaching business?

Do you realize that not having your Five Pillars of Authentic Coaching Power™ is the reason why:

  • you don't know what to put in those slides...
  • you don't know how to put together your offers...
  • you don't know what to put on your website...
  • you don't know what to say on that podcast...
  • you don't know how to get what's in your head into the world so that you can make an impact and some dollars!

When you realize these things, you can see why I offer this workshop every quarter, specifically for coaches like you! 

You can be a coach that buys other people's content and uses it to show up as a "coach" - it's called done-for-you content for a reason!  Yet, using content on others that you have not used to help yourself - especially through a major breakthrough - doesn't make sense; and I know you know that.

But so many coaches do this - new and established!  They buy the content.  They charge people hundreds for a session.  Some people bite and never come back.  Wanna know why?  They've seen that worksheet, exercise, reflection, etc. before - in another color, with another logo, from another coach.  And they are pissed that you charged them all that money to go over what they could have bought themselves or have already gotten from countless other coaches they trusted!

Not to mention:  How good does that feel?  Wearing someone else's clothes?  Putting on someone else's jewelry?  Trying to speak in another's voice about what they came up with, in their head?

Wouldn't it be easier to use what is in your head?

Guess what?!!? This workshop teaches and guides you through how to do just that!  

If we don't know each other...nice to meet you!  You can learn a little more about me hereIf we do know each other...great to see you ready to join me in this industry and change lives.  Let's get to work!


In my Unlock Your Expert™ Coach Workshop, I will ensure you are clear on what your Five Pillars of Authentic Coaching Power™ are.

Furthermore, I connect the dots for you to the steps it takes to launch your first coaching business - and for some of you - your first selling offers!

In this program, you will

  • get clear on what makes a coach distinct and what your coaching distinction is
  • get confident in determining who wants your unique coaching enough to pay for it.
  • learn how to create your own Authentic Coaching Method & Steps™
  • learn how to develop your own Authentic Coaching Method™
  • get resilient in selling your unique coaching without selling any offer or package.
  • learn how to develop and use your Signature Coaching Methodology™
  • learn how to use your Signature Coaching Methodology to create your authentic offers.
  • get confident in the steps it will take you to set up your coaching business systems for a powerful launch.

You can find all details of this workshop here.


If you are not sure why you haven't blown up as a coach yet, and you are ready to learn how to take over the game - your own way - on your own terms - with your own fire and impact; then, this workshop is for you!

  • In the first week, you learn how to know what makes you special as a coach and how you can turn that energy into a coaching brand that ensures you stand out in a crowd of diluted, ashy coaches.

  • After the work we will do in the second week, you will know how to create your early offers to launch and sell that are aligned with who you authentically are and what you authentically do.  Having early offers means that you are ready to complete a soft launch with a landing page or sales page for each offer.

  • After the work we will do in the third week, you will know how to create your authentic content and copy; eliminating the need to use everyone else's done-for-you content.

  • After the work we will do in the fourth week, you will know how to use your Authentic Coaching Framework™ to gain clarity, confidence, and resilience in: 
    • podcasting, speaking to others, writing a blog, and creating social media content
    • developing your personalized, signature offers - the offers you will be advertising and selling on your website and in your client portal for years to come.
    • creating & developing all the necessary levels of client offers that people seek from any coach so you are ready to cover all bases with your coaching business.
  • The Workgroup Resource Hub is a private, protected space for workgroup members to access the replays, resources, and other goodies that come up during the course of this workshop.

  • Post-Workshop Support is exclusive access to ongoing and progressive strategy, tools, resources, and support to keep you going strong!


This is a "How to Get Started" workshop and is intended for aspiring, struggling, or confused coaches
; if you are either uber frustrated with your start, or are new to coaching, going through coach training, or just got certified; then this workshop is for you!

This is a Coaching / Training Hybrid workshop made for Authentically Distinct™ folks who are choosing to be transformational coaches; which means that your workgroup will be full of creatives, visionaries, intellectuals, innovators, and a few neurodistinct folks and therefore, you will learn and grow in this program together because of my workshop and each other.  No matter what type of coaching you plan to offer, if you are interested in creating lasting change in human lives, inspiring or enacting needed change in this world as a thought leader, and are fired up about getting paid to do what you do well authentically - then you are ready to be a transformational coach, and this workshop is for you!

This is a Private Intensive workshop with weekly time with me as your Coach; this means that you will have the benefit of learning & growing each week and that the workshop is designed to ensure you have direct access to your Coach.


To get started in the next available workgroup of my Unlock Your Expert™ Workshop for Coaches, you will first choose which investment level you want for yourself

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    #TheDeets - What we will do in this workshop; a week-by-week playbook.

    #BeNosy - learn what you can expect from my Unlock Your Expert™ Workshop for Coaches.

    Starting powerfully with Coach Ebony - as the personal and professional AUTHENTIC YOU!

    Pre-Program Prep

    Post-Workshop Support (Grow & Get Ish Done In Community)

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