Live your song, so we can all dance with you!

Hi, I’m The Ratchet Sage™ and ☝🏾 that’s my life message for the world. 
I believe that we are all on a journey to offer something special to the world – that we are all an innovative force to be reckoned with

I also know that without what I call #EmpoweredChoice, many never awaken this force within themselves…and it’s completely foreign to them when I say… Your difference is your superpower.  

Everyone and their mama will tell you that the key to personal and professional success is AUTHENTICITY, to be yourself.  Yet – it’s crickets on exactly how to do that. 

So, like you, I found it uber-frustrating trying to be somebody, be something, be secure, be loved – to find my worth and place in a world that said:  You’re different, you don’t belong and have no worth.  Here's what you need to do - Be like everyone else.  Do what everyone else does.  

WHOA!  #HardPause – NO, NO, NO screamed my internal.  And, I bet your internal is screaming the same.  You KNOW that there is a way to be and do what you want, that feels and is right for YOU.

It’s difficult to fathom what that looks like or means – and you sense that no one can come up with it for you.  And I’m here to tell you that you are right.

There is a way, and no one can give you that way – and yup, you cannot see it – so, how could anyone else?  It is a journey – like everything #Ugh – and on this journey, you want someone who knows what they are talking about right beside you. #NoControl #NoJudgment #AllTheJewels #CoachBeenThere 

I coach people every day, guiding them to that authentic way for them.
  I'm all about helping people connect with themselves in ways that they never have before, to see a world of possibilities previously fuzzy for them.

I am the expert on owning, celebrating, and monetizing difference as Authentic Distinction™ – and I became that because of my own journey.

I did the work and this is what I learned:  If you don’t value YOU… choose YOU… know YOUR greatness...No one else will.  #Periodt  And I don’t play that game anymore…

NOW, I share what I learned and used to get myself out of the struggle as my method to empower others.  My Desire Choose Act ™ method helps you find what works for YOU - personally and professionally - and ensures it works FOR you as a superpower.  Your authentic secret song…I guide you to it…

AND my decades of experience as a strategy, operations, and systems consultant come into play when you are fired up and excited to do something with your song.  

THIS IS MY CLIENT PORTAL - Everything you see here – and can’t see here – is a reflection of my song.  If you’re here…let’s dance!

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My #SpeakerLife | Listen, Learn, Apply

Desire Choose Act™ is the place for Authentically Distinct™ & Neurodistinct folks to catch replays of The Ratchet Sage™ speaking. 

Successful, Busy, and Overwhelmed?

My top five actionable steps to readjust and pivot your greatness into the future you are currently manifesting faster than you can organize it.​

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