Live your song, so we can all dance with you!

Hi, I’m The Ratchet Sage™ and ☝🏾 that’s my life message for the world. 
I believe that we are all on a journey to offer something special to the world – that we are all an innovative force to be reckoned with

I also know that without what I call #EmpoweredChoice, many never awaken this force within themselves…and it’s completely foreign to them when I say… Your difference is your superpower.  

Everyone and their mama will tell you that the key to personal and professional success is AUTHENTICITY, to be yourself.  Yet – it’s crickets on exactly how to do that. 

So, like you, I found it uber-frustrating trying to be somebody, be something, be secure, be loved – to find my worth and place in a world that said:  You’re different, you don’t belong and have no worth.  Here's what you need to do - Be like everyone else.  Do what everyone else does.  

WHOA!  #HardPause – NO, NO, NO screamed my internal.  And, I bet your internal is screaming the same.  You KNOW that there is a way to be and do what you want, that feels and is right for YOU.

It’s difficult to fathom what that looks like or means – and you sense that no one can come up with it for you.  And I’m here to tell you that you are right.

There is a way, and no one can give you that way – and yup, you cannot see it – so, how could anyone else?  It is a journey – like everything #Ugh – and on this journey, you want someone who knows what they are talking about right beside you. #NoControl #NoJudgment #AllTheJewels #CoachBeenThere 

I coach people every day, guiding them to that authentic way for them.
  I'm all about helping people connect with themselves in ways that they never have before, to see a world of possibilities previously fuzzy for them.

I am the expert on owning, celebrating, and monetizing difference as Authentic Distinction™ – and I became that because of my own journey.

I did the work and this is what I learned:  If you don’t value YOU… choose YOU… know YOUR greatness...No one else will.  #Periodt  And I don’t play that game anymore…

NOW, I share what I learned and used to get myself out of the struggle as my method to empower others.  My Desire Choose Act ™ method helps you find what works for YOU - personally and professionally - and ensures it works FOR you as a superpower.  Your authentic secret song…I guide you to it…

AND my decades of experience as a strategy, operations, and systems consultant come into play when you are fired up and excited to do something with your song.  

THIS IS MY CLIENT PORTAL - Everything you see here – and can’t see here – is a reflection of my song.  If you’re here…let’s dance!

Available Experiences

AD Visionary™ Catalyzer

One experience with two options for private time with The Ratchet Sage™ to gain clarity or strategy to get shit done for your authentic, impactful vision.

Get Ish Done In Community

Strategic coaching, consulting, and community for you to build the elements of your authentic, impactful vision with power, clarity, and excitement.

How To Stand Out With Distinction

Actionable, strategic knowledge for coaches and healers who want to learn how to take over the game in their own way and on their own terms!

Get Ish Built with The Ratchet Sage™

Bespoke coaching, consulting, and strategy for you to actualize your authentic, impactful vision with the support, labor, and guidance of The Ratchet Sage™.

Authentic Business Offers™ Intensive

The four-week private experience for solopreneurs and coaches who want to develop offers, services, products, and packages that make them distinct.

Mindset Coaching & Training Program

This program teaches you how to deal with fear, stress, limiting beliefs, and mindset blocks in all sides of your life - both personal & professional.

Human Design with The Ratchet Sage™

This discovery session & resource hub gets you clear on the internal energy you use to confidently create Actionable Safe Spaces™ in your whole life.

Authentic Impact with The Ratchet Sage™

This discovery session & resource hub gets you clear and confident in the unique impact you authentically make in life as a human, influencer, or entrepreneur.

My #SpeakerLife | Listen, Learn, Apply

Desire Choose Act™ is the place for Authentically Distinct™ & Neurodistinct folks to catch replays of The Ratchet Sage™ speaking. 

Successful, Busy, and Overwhelmed?

My top five actionable steps to readjust and pivot your greatness into the future you are currently manifesting faster than you can organize it.​

Behind The Scenes with The Ratchet Sage™

Y'all have been asking to see what I am like before I am ON...well, here's all my behind-the-scenes fuckery...just for you nosy folks!

Become My Affiliate - 10% Monthly

Make passive income each month!  10% paid out each month for sales that come from your efforts to share my greatness with others.

My Experiences Available Experiences
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