Masterminding for Visionary Leaders

Masterminding for Visionary Leaders

How #ThinkChat™ Memberships Work

Membership Access Levels

A #ThinkChat™ is a weekly private strategy session during which we clarify what you want done, plan for success on your terms - and if we have time and if you want it - I will model for you how to execute the plan in a mini working session. 

Basic Access to my #ThinkChat™ Membership includes:

  • weekly, 30-minute #ThinkChat™ private sessions
  • monthly networking sessions

Complete Access to my #ThinkChat™ Membership includes:

  • weekly, 30-minute #ThinkChat™ private sessions
  • bi-weekly, 2-hour #ThinkTank™ group sessions
  • monthly networking sessions
  • support in-between live sessions via WhatsApp

See the table on this site to learn what you get from each offering in this membership.

What You Can Get Done With Me

​I bring the full extent of my two decades plus experience to each weekly and bi-weekly session - the strategist, the finance and accounting expert, the data analyst, the systems and tech guru, the cheerleader, the problem solver, the project manager...

I really could keep on going...yet, perhaps this is easier...

Here are some things you can get clarity about in a #ThinkChat™:

  • steps it takes to plan out and build a mini-course in your learning management system (Teachable, MemberVault, Udemy, Thinkific, etc.).
  • best way for you to build automations in your mail service provider (ActiveCampaign, MailChimp, ConvertKit, Drip, etc.).
  • how to connect your backend systems to your front-end operations (automate your business).
  • what to track to create financial projections, analyze financial data, and create financial dashboards for your company. 
  • best ways for you to plan for, develop, and implement innovative & effective funding strategies for your for-profit or non-profit.
  • steps it will take for you to plan, strategize, or work on starting your authentic for-profit or non-profit business.
  • personal, relationship, and professional pain points, risks, and liabilities in your life.

Investment Levels

  1. Basic Access to my #ThinkChat™ Membership is $99 per month.
  2. Complete Access to my #ThinkChat™ Membership is $199 per month.


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