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How #ThinkChat™ Memberships Work

The Who & What Of It All

My #ThinkChat™ Masterminds community-based membership offers you access to a community full of  Authentically Distinct™ folks who possess the capacity to share their knowledge, tools, strategies, and advice with other members of the community (yes that means you)

This community and its activities are curated to ensure that each member can get and give support.  You know how important it is to work with others while bringing your vision to life; and, this community is set up to do just that! 

My off-social media and privately-hosted community is full of VISIONARIES with Authentic Distinction™ just like you:

  • transformational coaches who have a big vision of how to use their gifts.
  • innovative creators who have a big vision of how to use their talents.
  • neurodistinct changemakers who have a big vision of how to use their ingenuity.
  • impact-based entrepreneurs who have a big vision of how to use their solutions.
  • change-making academics who have a big vision of how to use their frameworks.


All community members get access to:

  • Workgroup Office Hours with The Ratchet Sage™ 
    to develop an Actionable Safe Space™ for your vision.
  • #ThinkTank™ Masterminds
    time for you to get support from the community (including me) on your vision.
  • Community Parties and Networking Sessions
    to get to know each other and bring joy and fun into the mix.
  • Private Resource Hub
    for the replays, recaps, and resources related to your Private #ThinkChat™ Sessions with The Ratchet Sage™.
  • Community Resource Hub
    for the replays, recaps, and resources related to all live, recorded #ThinkChat™ community events and experiences.
  • Access to The Ratchet Sage™ 
    to fortify your efforts when you are not live with me or other community members.
  • Free Access at New Webinars, Courses, and Workshops at Authentic Distinction™
    to reward you for being a member of the Authentically Distinct™ crew.​

Why You Want In On This

In addition to every member who brings the full extent of their gifts, talents, and abilities to the community, I bring the full extent of my two decades plus experience to this community.  You get access to all parts of the The Ratchet Sage™ - the strategist, the finance and accounting expert, the data analyst, the systems and tech guru, the cheerleader, the problem solver, the project manager...​

I really could keep on going...yet, I digress...

Here are some things we can work on together:

  • steps it takes to plan out and build a mini-course in your learning management system (Teachable, MemberVault, Udemy, Thinkific, etc.).
  • best way for you to build automations in your mail service provider (ActiveCampaign, MailChimp, ConvertKit, Drip, etc.).
  • how to connect your backend systems to your front-end operations (automate your business).
  • what to track to create financial projections, analyze financial data, and create financial dashboards for your company. 
  • best ways for you to plan for, develop, and implement innovative & effective funding strategies for your for-profit or non-profit.
  • steps it will take for you to plan, strategize, or work on starting your authentic for-profit or non-profit business.
  • personal, relationship, and professional pain points, risks, and liabilities in your life.
  • getting support in completing one of my framework prototypes offered in my webinars and workshops.

Membership Terms

This is a community-based membership with no commitment required.  You become a paid member by paying for your first month of access and then you can stop paying when you no longer want access.  It's that simple!

You get to choose because The Ratchet Sage™ says choice is power.  Plus this community doesn't work as intended if folks don't want to be there and engage.   

So feel free to come get the support you want, when you want it, and leave the community when you want to.  You get to choose; and Authentic Distinction™ feeds off choice!

Membership Investment

A larger investment means you should get more than just community connections, care, and support.  When you invest beyond Complete Access in my community, you get access to Private #ThinkTank™ Sessions with me to activate what you get in the community in a space reserved for only you and me.

  1. Complete Access is $199 per month for access to all community events; includes no private sessions with The Ratchet Sage™.
  2. Gold Access is $396 per month and includes everything in Complete Access plus one hour of #ThinkTank™ Sessions.
  3. VIP Access is $639 per month and includes everything in Complete Access plus three hours of #ThinkTank™ Sessions.

**Rates will increase in 2025; sign up before the end of 2024 to lock in these rates indefinitely.


Use the chat box at the right-hand bottom corner of this screen to send me a message and get a prompt reply.

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