Mindset Coaching & Training Program

How you show up matters!

And how you show up is the only thing you can control in this life!

I created this coaching program for people who are struggling with mindset blocks...

...because many of my clients desire more than what they can see for themselves in the present moment and want to know how to begin the process of stepping into their greatness!

So if you have trouble with:

  • Showing up powerfully.
  • Speaking up boldly when others oppose you.
  • Being authentic and creating boundaries.
  • Seeing your power and wielding it appropriately.

This coaching program is for you!

Join Coach Ebony for this five-part Training Series where she will introduce you to the Superheros inside of you so that you can show up powerfully in your life and take up all the space!

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Detailed Program Outline

#BeNosy - learn what you can expect from my signature #BeingGreatness™ Program.

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You will start your journey by connecting with me on WhatsApp.

Positive Intelligence

Grab your courage; it's time to find out about what blocks you from showing up powerfully with confident and authentic action!

How You Are In Your Own Way

You are in your own way because you are stuck in the fear-stress-judgment cycle - and, you are simply too dope for that!

Where Superpowers Live

You are so much more than what is holding you back - there is magic in you that is ready for greatness!

B.S.O.T.P.™ Session

You deserve to be in full, complete power; so let's explore how you can benefit from both sides of you!

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