Human Design: Group Edition

This program provides you clarity about who you and your folks were born to be, so y'all can confidently live your whole lives in alignment with your unique energies.

What You Can Expect

  1. Get Your Charts:  We will learn what Human Design is by taking the assessment and getting you and your folks' personal charts.

  2. Interpret Your Charts:  You will schedule time to meet with me and learn what your charts mean for each of you - individually and collectively.
    • Live Session 1
    • Live Session 2
    • Live Session 3
  3. Post-Program Bonus Report and Resources:  As a celebration of your completion of this important journey, I offer a full PDF Report of all that I've shared on this journey with you.  This is where you can grab your personalized Human Design Report from this program.

6 Sections

#InformedGreatnessā„¢ Kick Off

Own how you and your folks can uniquely change the world!

Human Design & Personal Desire

Human Design type, inner authority, and variable for you and your folks.

Human Design & Intrapersonal Choice

Human Design profile, incarnation cross, and destiny for you and your folks.

Human Design & Interpersonal Impact

Human Design definition and group energy analysis for you and your folks.

#InformedGreatnessā„¢ Wrap Up

It's time to go deeper into Human Design with The Ratchet Sage™!

#InformedGreatnessā„¢ Close Out

Get access to bonus resources on Human Design by The Ratchet Sage™.

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