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YASSSS, you are ready to own who you are and start getting what you want in your life! ​

So what I wanna know is...

​What do YOU want your new life to look like?

When you decide to learn more about your power, you will want to use it!  The same is true if you've already done some work and know a bit about your internal power.

When you use your power, everyone and everything around you will respond. 

​This is great for manifesting, yet, is challenging to be comfortable with and effectively harness when you start on this part of your life journey.  This response from everyone and everything around you is the catalyst to important changes in - and to - everything you know.

Those changes can get you closer to what you want, or nah...

I help people OWN, CELEBRATE, and MONETIZE their difference.  

This means that working with me one-on-one will guide you to see how you can use your difference - your authentic, internal power - to get more of what you want out of your life. 

I know that the level of real change you can make is directly aligned with your ability to:

  1. know your power or #OwnYourDifference,
  2. use your power or #CelebrateYourDifference, and,
  3. ensure your power benefits you or #MonetizeYourDifference.

I want you to have a clear sense of your song and how to sing it, so we can all dance with you!

In plain terms:  it's all about desire and choice and as your coach, I want you to:

  1. be clear on who you are so you can make empowered choices that align with what you want in life.
  2. make confident moves that feel good to you, so you radiate an energy of revolutionary freedom.
  3. be resilient as you take inspired action on your choices, no matter what life throws at you.

My clients will tell you that working with me, you learn early-on what patterns you've been holding onto that block you from knowing, using, and benefiting from your difference, which - as I define it - IS your internal power.  

This is so important because it gets you out of the cycle of doing the same things you already know result in you not getting what you want out of life.

In addition to my uniquely empowering style and method, you can also expect intense coaching:

  • mindset shifts
    to help you exhibit an identity that serves you and all that you touch.
  • perspective shifts
    to eliminate what doesn't serve you with, my dear friend, the reframe.
  • breakthroughs
    to increase your understanding and knowing so you can see, do, and be more.
  • transformations
    to help you grow into who you want to be in ways that make you proud.
  • clear and active boundaries
    to help you become what you want to attract in life and avoid settling.

Through coaching, I ensure you are in the driver’s seat.  I’m right there next to you, but YOU choose where we are going and how fast. 

I’m right beside you the entire way - there to empower, cheerlead, inform, share, and connect - giving you the knowledge, tools and support you want to move forward with clarity, confidence and resilience.

Coaching with me:

  • minimizes your fear and confusion,
  • increases your clarity about who you are,
  • increases your confidence in what you do and say,
  • empowers you with your difference,
  • transforms your world of possibilities, and
  • unleashes YOUR SONG to get you what you want.

By design, you hold the power in this relationship!

Flexible and Risk-Free

There is no commitment to a certain number of sessions and you are not stuck with the confines of a structured program.  I know investing in yourself is risky, so you choose how many sessions you want in a month (between 1, 2, or 4) and work with me on a pre-paid, month-to-month basis.

Convenient and Personalized
My business systems are automated so your client experience is personalized and streamlined for your convenience.  I know you may have limited time for coaching, so you choose how long we meet during each session (between 15 and 60 minutes).  You also choose whether sessions are conducted over the phone or Zoom.  All #BeDoAct™ coaching clients receive access to a private space to host their session replays (if recorded over Zoom), recaps or notes, and other resources to help them along their way.

Investment and Value
My coaching rate of $309/session has been intentionally designed to reflect my expertise and experience, but also to align with your commitment to making the meaningful changes that I will guide you to in your life. I know that your investment in you is your real skin in the game and a strong indicator of how much you will show up for yourself in this process. 

Redesigning and Cancelling
I know that you are most powerful when you have choice, so you are free to discuss with me how you want to redesign our relationship at any time.  When we have achieved your goals, you are free to cancel our agreement before your next billing cycle starts.

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Use the chat box at the right-hand bottom corner of this screen to send me a message and get a prompt reply.

To get started coaching with me today, use the scheduler or click the button below.

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