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Shining In This Oversaturated Industry


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It’s hard for coaches to be seen, heard, or work in an industry as oversaturated as ours.  It’s like high school all over again; you’re one of many and no one is checking for you!  How to stand out, shine, and slay in this coaching game?

Y’all know The Ratchet Sage™ is finna break it all down for you.  Listen, I want you to get real clear on what it will take for you to matter in this oversaturated industry.  Because it is very possible for you to stand out, shine, and slay - you need only know how to do it.

What You Need To Shine As A Coach

Shining as a coach is really all about showcasing true value with the unique coaching solution you offer. If the solution you offer is not unique - you can forget about shining! It doesn’t matter what type of coach you are, if you are selling what everyone else is selling - why would anyone come to you for your coaching? You want to offer a Unique, Rare Solution™ that your coaching clients cannot get anywhere else. Let's talk about how to do that…

Build Your Specialty

The first step is to get clear on what you are uniquely capable of helping others with through your coaching. This is not as easy as it sounds and requires a level of self-introspection and calling a thing a thing that most people are not comfortable with.

The idea is to know exactly who you are so you can get clear in the guidebook that you offer to your coaching clients. Every coach worth their salt has been through some ish and can now coach others out of it because they themselves got out of it.

When you get clear on what your biggest, yet healed shame is and turn it into an Authentic Coaching Solution™- you will have found your coaching specialty.

Communicate Without Fuckery

The second step is to learn how to hold space for your truth in your writing and speaking.  The idea here is you want to communicate the right things at the right time.

You want to tell qualified leads the things that make it clear that you know how to help them; that you got that juice:  an Authentic Coaching Solution™.  You also want to tell qualified leads what they can expect if they do not work with you to get your solution.  

You want to be unapologetic about both sides of this conversation because you will be initiating and finishing it on a regular basis.  This is not the time to let your voice slip or waver; this is the time to stand ten toes down in the solution you offer.

Demonstrate To Develop

The third step is to learn how to demonstrate the power of your Authentic Coaching Solution™ to develop people.  Doing so turns qualified leads into clients, and also turns clients into brand ambassadors.  

This works because qualified leads can see why they would want to become clients and your clients can see why they want to bring in more clients to your coaching world.  In both ways, your folks become believers in the power of your Authentic Coaching Solution™ and they know this power can transform!  

This is all about using your content and copy to communicate that you know exactly how to transform your clients’ lives from having the problem you solve to no longer struggling with it.

Showcase Your Impact

The fourth step is to learn how to showcase the impact of your Authentic Coaching Solution™. Folks will not just believe you because you talk about it and be about it; they want to see how you’ve helped others like them.

This is all about using your content and copy to communicate what happens to real folks when they work with you! And yes, new coaches can do this too - let’s talk if you’re scratching your head trying to figure out how this is true.

Bottom line: when you showcase what your Authentic Coaching Solution™ has done for others like them, you will shine in their eyes.

If this was too long and you got lost, peep the next section or listen to the podcast for the TLDR.

What You Wanna Do

Expecting to shine in an oversaturated industry without demonstrated distinction will leave you upset and broke.  #StopBeingAshy

  1. Build your coaching business around the Authentic Coaching Solution™ you bring into your entrepreneurship from your Unique, Rare Solution™.
  2. Communicate to leads and clients that you know exactly how to help them because you know what they are going through (because you went through it and healed it of course).
  3. Demonstrate to leads and clients that you have the valuable capacities and capabilities required to coach them to a transformation they are seeking and asking for.
  4. Showcase to leads and clients the power and impact of the work you alone are capable of doing with them.

Follow these steps and you’ll be shining in no time! If you are not sure how to go about this - I know you are going through it right now and I don’t want that for you. You deserve to have Actionable Safe Spaces™ no matter how much you shine in this oversaturated industry. It would be a huge disrespect to your gifts, talents, and abilities if no one saw your coaching power.

Our industry is a whole fucking mess today AND you can be a part of that mess or work alongside me to disrupt it!  Trust; you’ve got what it takes from your lived experience to stand with me and shine in this oversaturated industry!

All you need is clarity….and I am here.


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