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How My #BeDoAct™ Private Coaching Program Works

This is one-on-one coaching with no commitment! Pay monthly as you go and you stop when you're ready or need to.

My clients love the clarity and confidence they walk away with from every session and the power they hold in the coaching relationship!

  1. We start with a consultation where we get clear on what you want, and what it will look like for us to move forward.
  2. I send you an agreement to execute that details what we agreed to in the consultation including the number of sessions you will have each month.
  3. You sign the agreement and make your investment for the first month.
  4. I email you instructions on how to schedule your #BeDoAct™ Sessions.
  5. You schedule and show up for your #BeDoAct™ Session(s) and I provide you replays, recaps, and resources in your private #BeDoAct™ Resource Hub.


When you are ready to end our coaching relationship, you will let me know via WhatsApp or email.  And because you prepay for each month of coaching, you stop making payments until you want coaching again.  It's that simple!

I'm Team Reschedule
Once sessions have been booked, rescheduling can be arranged, yet no refunds are offered for cancellations.

Investment Levels

#BeDoAct™ coaching clients can choose to have monthly, bi-weekly, or weekly sessions.

  1. Monthly clients pay $309 a month.
  2. Bi-weekly clients pay $618 a month.
  3. Weekly clients pay $1,236 a month.

Choice Is Power
If you want to change the frequency of your coaching sessions with me, you let me know via WhatsApp or email.  We then sign an addendum to your previous agreement.  And because you prepay for each month of coaching, you start paying the new amount next month, and the number of sessions changes in the next month as well.  


Use the chat box at the right-hand bottom corner of this screen to send me a message and get a prompt reply.

To get started coaching with me today, use the scheduler or click the button below.

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#BeNosy - learn what you can expect when you sign up for coaching with me.

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