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Slaying In This Oversaturated Industry


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It’s hard for coaches to be seen, heard, or work in an industry as oversaturated as ours.  It’s like high school all over again; you’re one of many and no one is checking for you!  How to stand out, shine, and slay in this coaching game?

Y’all know The Ratchet Sage™ is finna break it all down for you.  Listen, I want you to get real clear on what it will take for you to matter in this oversaturated industry.  Because it is very possible for you to stand out, shine, and slay - you need only know how to do it.

What You Need To Slay As A Coach

Being able to sit back and feel the weight of your impact as a coach is what I call SLAYING! The nights when you sit back and review your client meetings for the day and realize how much you’re outchere saving lives! Not just the lives of your clients, but the lives your clients touch too. See, when you show up first, standing out as a coach, and second, shining as a coach: your work is transformative! As you sit back and realize the greatness of each transformation you witness from your coaching, you realize you are slaying in your own way, on your own terms, and following your values and desires. Let’s talk about how to get there…

Create & Implement Plans

The first step to slayage is to create and implement a self-honoring plan for your business. And y’all know it’s ashy to center yourself in healing work, so you also want to create and implement a client experience plan for every offer you plan to launch for your business. All entrepreneurs make this mistake: they have a plan for their business and the only place the client shows up is as a revenue line. How do you plan for the client experience when the business and your needs are centered in your only plan?

When your goal is to slay as a coach, it helps to:

  • plan for the client experience with every offer you sell,
  • commit to setting things in place that keep your client informed on what to expect, and
  • being flexible and aware enough to pivot with each private or group session as you learn more about your clients.

Develop & Activate Strategies

The second step to slayage is to develop and activate strategies that work for you, your life, and your clients. Again it may seem weird to include clients, and I will spare you the whole side situation I can pull us all into about this (because it really does matter). What I will say about client strategies is this…strategies for each offer should be within your client experience plan for that offer. Hmmp; and you activate those strategies when you develop them in your client experience plans, and “I’ll land there” as I’ve said on Clubhouse way too many times to count.

When your goal is to slay as a coach, your plans need strategies to:

  • activate what you wanted to get from your business plan (which should include these strategies, but don’t get me started on that),
  • maintain compliance with what you’ve promised yourself, any investors you have, the authorities you or your business must answer to, and your clients.
  • pivot from what isn’t working for your business or clients, and
  • know when to start and stop new things in your business and with your clients.

Ensure You Deliver

The third step to slayage is to pick yourself up even though you don’t always want to. This is all so you can act on your strategies to fulfill your plans. And yes of course I mean your business plan and your client experience plans (assuming you have more than one offer). The point is ACT! If you don’t act on your strategies, it’s easy to get stuck in inaction which usually leads to quitting.

This is another reason why there are all these ghost coach websites outchere in these internet streets. You’ve seen em - the links are all broken and there’s no responses from their sites - and that’s all if the site itself isn’t dead yet….just rotting on old social media pages preying on those of us who click on them.

And I hear you saying: “What if I act and fail?” “What if I already became a ghost coach site?” - okay that’s real, so let’s sit in that discomfort and figure out a next step. Business is about iteratively failing into innovation, and no one knows that more than seasoned coaches. You keep trying things until you find your thing - and I don’t mean in the business. As long as what you are trying resonates with you and does not harm your clients, that is what delivering looks like - not failure.

Retain & Nurture

The fourth step to slayage is to retain your existing clients while you nurture them plus nurture your leads simultaneously.

If you have little to no clients, your focus will be on nurturing leads to your Authentic Coaching Solution™ so you gain a healthy set of clients for your coaching business. And when they get there, you will still need to nurture them as clients - but it will be in a different way.

The purpose of nurturing leads is to get them to see the Authentic Coaching Value™ in your coaching business by connecting them to the right Authentic Coaching Offer™ for them. Outside of that, you can only nurture a lead by referring them somewhere else where they can get the transformation they thought they could get from you (they do come back - ask me how).

The purpose of nurturing clients is to get them to keep seeing your Authentic Coaching Power­™ and your Authentic Coaching Impact™. When you flex your Authentic Coaching Value™ within your Authentic Coaching Offers™, they will see your power and impact as a coach. Outside of referring clients when they begin to need more than you are qualified to offer, this is how you retain clients.

If this was too long and you got lost, peep the next section or listen to the podcast for the TLDR.

What You Wanna Do


Expecting to slay as a coach when you can’t deliver for your clients just doesn’t make sense.  #StopBeingAshy

  1. Create and develop a strategic business plan for your coaching business and a strategic client experience plan for every offer you sell in your business.
  2. Develop and activate the strategies within your business plan and your offers’ client experience plans.
  3. Ensure you deliver for yourself, your business, and your clients by acting on your strategies from both types of plans at all times as you operate within your business.
  4. Commit to nurturing clients and leads differently, so you can retain the clients you get in your coaching business.

Follow these steps and you’ll be standing next to me slaying - and you'll stay there if you started by standing out and shining! If you are not sure how to go about all of this - I know you are going through it right now and I don’t want that for you. You deserve to have Actionable Safe Spaces™ whether you’ve slayed in this industry or not. Never forget, this is an oversaturated industry full of so many folks who ain’t even really there or ain’t really good. It would be a huge disrespect to your gifts, talents, and abilities if no one felt your coaching power enough for you to see the impact.

Our industry is a whole fucking mess today AND you can be a part of that mess or work alongside me to disrupt it!  Trust; you’ve got what it takes from your lived experience to stand out with me, shine with me, and slay with me in this oversaturated industry!

All you need is clarity….and I am here.


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