Authentic YOU on Clubhouse

Authentic YOU on Clubhouse

Which sounds familiar?

  • You've heard about Clubhouse and want to know how to get on.
  • You've gotten on and are confused about how to kill it on CH.
  • You've got plans for CH and seek to know how to be your authentic self.

Either way, this free training will ensure you:

  1. know how you can get on to Clubhouse (CH), whether invited or not.
  2. are discerning in your choices & actions so you don't get kicked off CH.
  3. develop an authentic bio that ensures you stand out on the platform.
  4. know the four ways to navigate the platform.
  5. learn how to get a Clubhouse Mentor.
  6. know who to follow and who not to follow on the platform.
  7. know what clubs to follow and which to ditch on the platform.
  8. get clear on how to be your entire powerful ass self on the CH platform.

Not sure what Clubhouse is?

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